Dienstag, Mai 03, 2016

The Road to Silliness

So, I wonder if there is a Way of Playing the Game that leads to enlightenment. I suspect that silliness ought to be essential to it. There's an 80s cheesiness to some roleplaying games which is at once silly and takes itself quite seriously. I dare say that the enjoyment of it is an aquired taste. OSR games might be among such games. There seems to be a spectrum of silliness and seriousness with some tending toward the one or the other extreme, while to me both can be quite cheesy. And I do not see a polarity here, so talking of extremes is silly in itself. There are various dimensions to playing the game with silliness and seriousness being two of them. And then a way doesn't have to be taken to the extreme. A way leads through different terrain, different weather, following roads and leaving them behind. So, following the Way can lead through various stretches of silliness, lazy-sunday-evening-playing, seriousness, and whacky rules-lawyering.
Risus might be a part of a Path on the Way. Like the steep stony staircase circling an ancient mountain on its ascension to the cloudy seat of heavenly light. Before that you may have to drag yourself through the eternal wasteland of character management, or dungeon crawling and saving against various pitfalls and dragon breath. But there is no reason why you shouldn't start out on that steep stony staircase even if you slip and tumble down or despair and hurry into the abysmal caverns of the mountain to fight foul demons with high (or low) AC depending on whether your OSR game of choice supports descending or ascending AC their hideous leathery armor of darkness. When you get out again, that ascending staircase will be there waiting for you.

And my fortune cookie told me: "You will enjoy peace at home, financial security and health." These are not requisites for playing Risus, although it's somewhat nicer to be at home without a sneeze and even though Risus is free.

Link to the steep stony staircase...

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