Freitag, Februar 27, 2015

[Illustration] Update: Journey through the Dungeon

Work in progress created with Krita and a Wacom Intuos (ald)
I wrote about exploration and journey in the first part. I'm working on the depth of the scene, as well as on the texture of the stonework. That will take some time. Next will be the boat and the adventurer, then the underwater part. The surface will be last. Still some way to go.

The open source digital painting software that I use, Krita, has just been released in its 2.9 version.

Donnerstag, Februar 26, 2015

Lindybeige on Quarterstaffs/staves/thingies

I love the quarterstaff as a weapon in roleplaying games, and it is fun and good exercise to jump through the forest wielding twigs and sticks and fighting imaginary forest monsters like the abominable mossy trolls of Groghgush.

Lindybeige has some of his popular points on quarterstaves, and here are two videos. There seem to be some replies by other YouTubers, too. So, enough material to watch and pick from for your favourite games and character creation.
If not, go fight some mossy trolls. Like this one (with Risus statblock!)

Mossy Troll of Groghgush (5)
Irate Connoisseur of Atmospheric Black Metal Synthesizer Sounds (3)
Armchair-Expert of Things Relating to Quarterstaves (2)

Oh, but you were here for quarterstaff-videos. Go on, then.

Montag, Februar 23, 2015

[Illustration] Water - Journey through the Dungeon

Digital painting in progress with Krita
Through the Dungeon (ald)

Exploration is a key aspect of life. And those who found themselves on a journey sooner or later were exploring their surroundings and thereby enlarged their concept of the world, their options and opportunities. Journey is progress, and the destination is rarely visible from the outset. There may be a vision of a destination or state which will be reached, can be reached when all the obstacles - within and without - are overcome, when strength is acquired, when tools are created and gained, when skills are honed, when craft is mastered, when companions work together. All these achievements are part of the journey.

To look back and retrace the steps, to remember the obstacles overcome, that is to see a path of achievements. Then it is time to tell the story, and tell it to teach, and inspire visions of destinations and states to be reached. And after a rest: time to journey onwards.

First sketch with Krita

Mittwoch, Februar 18, 2015

[Illustration] Old School Magic-User - 3d6 in order

This character was rolled
strictly 3d6 in order (ald)

So, I'm doodling with Krita and a Wacom Intuos to become better at using the software for different illustration tasks. Some of the artwork will find its way into my Fantasy setting others will be filed away. This guy may become an NPC, or a grumpy retainer. I don't know how much of use he will be in a dungeon, though...

Sonntag, Februar 15, 2015

Pit Zombie Update

Pit Zombie (ald)
Krita and Wacom Intuos

I changed one of the characters and added a third one to make the adventuring party complete. I worked on the detail of the trap, because I wanted to hint at the mechanics and how it was covered. The pit zombie received a zombie-face-lift and lost a hand. I may change some details, but my guess is that this is near the final version to be included in The Tomb of the Mummy Priest adventure for Basic Fantasy.

The first version was this here.

Samstag, Februar 14, 2015

Wise Old Gnome of Ziegenheim

Drink, sleep, fight, talk, fondle beard.
Old master gnome (ald)
Krita and Wacom Intuos

Another blue gnome character study for my Basic Fantasy setting. I think these guys work with Risus, too.

[RSP-Karneval] 10 Dinge, die ich an meiner Basic Fantasy Spielgruppe liebe

Dieser Artikel ist Teil des RSP-Karnevals zum Thema '10 Dinge ...'. Der überaus coole 10-Dinge-Listen-Karneval wurde organisiert von Greifenklaue. Weitere Artikel und Diskussion gibt's im RSP-Forum.

10 Dinge, die ich an meiner Basic Fantasy Spielgruppe liebe
  1. Sie haben sich ohne besondere Rollenspielerfahrung auf ein Old School Rollenspiel eingelassen und behaupten sich mit Witz und Tapferkeit.
  2. Sie rocken mit ihren Spielfiguren die Spielwelt.
  3. Sie gruseln sich.
  4. Die Gruppe wächst in gesundem Maße. Demnächst beginnt der erste Spielleitercrashkurs, um das Rollenspiel an die nächste Generation weiterzugeben.
  5. In der Gruppe gibt es mehr Frauen als Männer.
  6. Sie arbeiten als Gruppe zusammen und lösen Konflikte am Spieltisch und in der Spielwelt.
  7. Sie arbeiten mit den Spielwerten ihrer Figuren und interpretieren sie innerhalb der Spielwelt und schließen darauf auf mögliche Handlungen.
  8. Sie arbeiten am Spiel mit, indem sie sich vorbereiten, Material mitbringen und in Ordnung halten (Tagebücher für alle Figuren, Karten und Aufzeichnungen).
  9. Wir kochen gemeinsam.
  10. Wir sind Freunde.

Freitag, Februar 13, 2015

Blue Gnome of Ziegenheim

Blue gnome study (ald)
Krita and Wacom Intuos

I watched Jim Henson's Labyrinth last night, again (for the 17th time or so). There is a Making of on the DVD, and I watched that, too (for the first time), because I like to get a glimpse at how things work and learn from it.
So, I got inspired by Brian Froud's goblin designs which then led me to scribbling the blue gnome study with Krita.

Since I'm working on a Basic Fantasy sandbox setting (in German) with the working title Ziegenheim, I thought it might be fitting to start describing some of the creatures that live around Ziegenheim. There will be blue gnomes, and they may look like the one pictured.