Donnerstag, November 28, 2013

Risus 2nd Edition and the RSO (Risus School Offensive)

Based on a cliché this RSO logo* will strike fear
into the hearts of the opponents of the Anything RPG. 
fill the hearts of roleplaying gamers with love and
enlighten their souls! 
'To laugh or not to laugh'

As you all are well aware of S. John Ross' short mail notices via Risus/Yahoogroups the second edition of Risus - probably named Risus 2 in the tradition of many other famous sequels - is going to be released on Dec 25th of 2013.

Already, the generic Followers of Risus (F.O.R.), as well as the secretive members of the International Order of Risus (I.O.R.) gossip about a possible divide between those who adhere to the original six-page edition (O6e) and those who welcome the proclaimed enhancements of the new edition. Others worry that the Risus Companion (by some I.O.R. members lovingly referred to as THE BOOK) will be updated as well. There's even whispered rumor that some dark figure in the background will use the astronomical date of the 25th of December to usher in a New World Order of Risus (N.W.R.)

An alliance has been formed to oppose those threats, as well as the growing ignorance among casual gamers who twist the golden rule of Risus as set into digital stone by the founder of the Anything RPG: There's no wrong way to play!
This alliance shall henceforth be known as the Risus School Offensive (R.S.O.) Its main goal being the teaching of the golden rule and first principle of Risus. New members are welcome!

Risus The Anyting RPG - Grab a digital copy of the O6e while you still can, and supplies last! Hurry!
Risus Companion - The International Order of Risus wants you - now!

This post was inspired by analogkonsole's post 'Aber Du spielst das falsch!'

*This RSO logo is shamelessly based upon 'Strange Magic' Robertson's great OSR logo.

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