Montag, Mai 06, 2013

[magic item] Quill of Lasra

Lasra was said to have been a thoughtful, and inquisitive student,  aspiring mastery in philosophy and several arts where he explored paths different from those found by students who followed their teachers.
He had, however, great difficulties in writing his thoughts down, structuring them, and completing them as whole readable texts.

When a female elven witch had an affair with him she crafted a magical quill, put her spells on it, and bestowed it on Lasra as a gift of love.

He completed five volumes of poems the following nights called the Wonders of Love, and the Experience of the Divine.

Quill of Lasra

The quill is bound by a golden clasp set with emerald, and black stone. He who wrotes with it has a direct connection to his higher self, and the surrounding, and is able to channel thought, ideas, concepts through the quill into fluent writing.
There is no writer's block. And any work once begun can be finished, either through a long process of finding oneself, or by helping out with the magic of the quill.

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