Sonntag, April 07, 2013

[magic item] Weird Map of Life-Like Illusion

Weird Map of Life-Like Illusion

These rare and treasured maps were cut from demon-hide and enchanted by the grim dwarves of the white coast. It is said that, although quite a few had been made, the dwarf who originally researched and created them tried to destroy them after he witnessed some of his apprentices become obsessed with using them, mapping areas and sharing or trading them with other weird map cartographers.

At first glance they contain little more than a few scribbles and drawings, but upon command the map will project a tiny life-like projection of the mapped area as seen when the map was drawn. Trees will sway in the wind, water will flow down the river, maybe animals will hurry by. All shown objects are translucent so that mapped dungeons can be viewed, although the walls of stone will dim the view a little.

These maps can be re-drawn upon command, but the previous map will be lost.

These maps are similar to the Memory Tablet of the Eye. The Globe of Mapping might be of interest to cartographers, too.

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