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The Undead Dwarf Massacre (Halloween RSP-Karneval Oktober 2012)

Der RSP-Karneval im Oktober 2012 wurde initiiert von den Teilzeithelden und steht unter dem pop-halloween-esken Motto From the Grave.

The Evil Dead meets Fantasy meets Night of the Living Dead meets The Seven Dwarves meets Your Player Characters. (Adventure Hooks, rules, magic items, madness ...)


This is for old school halloween madness one-shot adventures and mini-campaigns, which are essentially sequels with all surviving characters, and must be titled and numbered consecutively: The second adventure with surviving characters from The Undead Dwarf Massacre has to be titled The Undead Dwarf Massacre 2. If no characters survived the first adventure the second adventure may still be titled The Undead Dwarf Massacre 2, but must include flashbacks (e.g. nightmares) of never-before seen scenes of the first part. Unused pre-rolled characters of the first adventure may be introduced as survivors from the first part, but are likely to be killed in the first half hour of in-game time, their main function being linking the two parts together and serving as a justification to use the same title.

Note: This is a series of articles. The first one giving an overview of house rules, and a quick introduction to the first adventure, while follow-up articles will be focusing on plot, maps, encounter tables and other helpful things for the halloween horror madness.

Modify to suit your own game. Use your favourite set of rules.

Start your adventure on Oct 31th 2012 and finish the series before dawn on Nov 1st 2012. Write comments on gaming experience afterwards.

The Undead Dwarf Massacre 

The Undead Dwarf, an evil cleric who dwells in his dark dingy dwarven home below the town of Starshine has awakened from undead slumber and found himself invigorated and wicked, with the determination to send his evil undead dwarven henchmen up to Starshine and bring mayhem onto its jolly inhabitants.
With his magic he opened two portals that bring normal undead into the world: zombies, ghouls, and skeletons (all counting as 1HD creatures).
The characters will have to fight some of the undead dwarfs, and hordes of normal undead. Their goal will be to shut the portals, and escape the town, or fight their way down into the deeper levels of the dwarven home.

In media res

Start the game with only a short introduction of how a golden autumn day turned into dark night in the town of Starshine. Then suddenly all hell breaks lose.
Characters are either at an inn having a drink, a bath, or something else when the first undead pour out of the ground, roam the streets, and wander about the night-market, which is a favourite attraction of many visitors of Starshine; the town of colourful lights, and cozy fire-places, fresh food, good drink, laughter and music.

Create Characters

Gather your players and start character creation together. Character creation ought to be quick and with limited decision-making.
Players should create 1d3 characters in advance, just in case ...

Ability Scores (no cheating)
3d6 in order

Sex (d4)
1-2 male
3-4 female

Race (d4)
1 human
2 elf
3 dwarf
4 halfling

Determine Motivation (d12)
1 Survive!
2 Loot as much as possible, and start a new life elsewhere.
3 Find Redley's Finest Berry Pies.
4 Save your sister who got lost in the mayhem.
5 Save your brother who got lost in the mayhem.
6 Find your loved one/date who got lost in the mayhem.
7 Protect the living.
8 Slay as many undead as possible.
9 Slay as many undead as possible.
10 Find and destroy the cause of the undead plague.
11 Find the cause of the undead plague and gain power over it.
12 You have gone insane, and believe all there is left to the world is fighting the hordes of undead. Maybe a Gorgeous Lady/Handsome Guy can save you from insanity and death.

Determine Scream Type - House Rule (d4)
Whenever something really bad, and scary happens make a saving throw. If the character fails he suffers the effects according to his Scream Type.

1-2 Panic, and flee for 1d4 rounds. On your way out: attack at +1 to hit, #1HDattacks: 2; Your AC worsens by 2. If cornered: attack at +2, #1HDattacks: 3, AC worsens by 3.
3-4 Paralyzed, and unable to act for 1d4 rounds. You learn a lot from this experience and gain 1d6x50 XP per round of paralization. Instantly level up if you have enough experience.

Level (1d6-1)
Yes, you do not necessarily start with level 1 characters.
And yes, you may start with a No-Class 0-level character. That's why you roll for level before class.

Rules for 0-level characters (no class)
Hit Points: 1d6
Attack as < 1HD creature
Saving Throw: 18
Weapons allowed: club, dagger, quarterstaff, make-shift weapons. (Hammer, or axe if professional smith, artisan, lumberjack etc.) -5 to hit on all other weapons.
Armor: none.
Secondary Skills: choose up to three (or roll 1d3). It may come in handy, if you're a store keeper, and know the secret tunnels to the underground warehouses.
Note: May attain 1st level within class of choice after surviving one adventure.

Class (1d4)
1 fighter
2 magic-user
3 priest
4 thief

Starting Equipment (1d6)

Note: Characters who start in the first scene begin with normal starting equipment. Use the following table for characters introduced in later scenes.
1 Normal starting equipment
2 Clothes and a bag of unsorted loot.
3 Clothes and a magic sword +1
4 Naked, mud-smeared if you like. There's plenty of mud. Have a club, or make-shift weapon of choice.
5 Naked but with a wig and false beard. Explain it yourself.
6 Full suit of plate armor +2, but not your size, so parts keep falling off. A small package of Redley's Finest Berry Pie.

Introducing new characters (d12)
Whenever a new character has to be introduced, be quick about it. The following table may give some suggestions. Additional starting equipment as in the table above.

1 Cornered by 1d4 undead. May need help.
2 Hiding successfully from almost anybody. Decide when to come out.
3 Looting for food, tools, and treasure, rather frantic and without much success.
4 Fleeing from undead, but obviously having outrun his pursuers.
5 Sitting in a tree just having finished cutting 1d6 crude bolts for his Crossbow of Holy Fire.
6 On horseback with two saddle bags full of loot (worth 1d12x50 gp) and rations for two weeks.
7 Unconscious but unhurt, lying under a pile of slain undead bodies.
8 Unhurt but scared, lying under a pile of dead bodies.
9 Worried in a boarded-up house. 1d4 undead absent-mindedly wandering around the yard.
10 Fleeing from undead with 1d4 of them on his trail.
11 Dangling head-down from a tree with feet entangled in a crude rope-trap. 1d4 undead groping from below, barely reaching his fingers.
12 Standing ontop of a horse-wagon, horses being eaten by undead, wheels on fire and 1d12+5 undead trying to attack the character on the wagon, and the screaming gorgeous lady/handsome guy next to him/her.

Special House Rules

Make-shift weapons
Anything counts as a 1d6 damage weapon against the undead.

#1HDattacks (multiple attacks per round)
Some weapons, and special items grant (regardless of class and level) a number of extra attacks against undead(!) enemies of 1HD or less. These do all add up, thus a fifth level fighter wielding a Violent Saw Blade of Destruction has 9 attacks per round against creatures of 1HD or less.

Late Comeback
Any character who dies may save vs. death at -5. If the roll is successful he may return at a later scene. Exactly when is decided by the player. Make it cool. Use the following table for reappearance (1d6):
1 At full health, with a spare potion of healing, and holding hands with a gorgeous lady/handsome guy.
2 Unconscious, and barely alive clutching a talisman in one hand. The other hand is missing.
3 Spontaneous reanimation. You are at 1d3 hit points when you awake, and have approximately 2d6 rounds in order to find healing, or die.
4 Resurrected to full health by divine intervention. Double your hit point total, and gain an additional 3 #1HDattacks. Turn back to normal after adventure.
5 Torso ripped off legs. 2d6 rounds to live, crawl and fight in agony and futile wrath. You enter the scene with a vengeful total of 3d6+4 hit points.
6 As a powerful undead, enjoying the eternal unrest, and trying to convince his fellows to join him.

Splatter Effects
(not in this edition)

The White Shirt Rule
Characters who wear a white shirt/blouse/top not covered by cloak, jacket, armor, or blanket gain the following effects:

White shirt/blouse/top (female)
+6 on all saving throws
AC 7
Add 1d6 to hit point total.
+2 on reaction rolls on charm, seduction (+4 if shirt is torn)
+2 on intimidation rolls, if shirt is blood-stained

White shirt (male)
+1 to hit on melee/missile attacks
#1HDattacks with any improvised weapon: 3
AC 7
Add 1d3 to hit point total (temporary until end of adventure)
+2 on reaction rolls on charm, seduction (+4 if shirt is torn)
+2 on intimidation rolls, if shirt is blood-stained

Gorgeous Lady/Handsome Guy Rule
Gorgeous Ladies, and Handsome Guys must be rescued and protected. They grant an additional 2 #1HDattacks, and fight as 0-level characters themselves.

Characters may try to date/charm/seduce a Gorgeous Lady, or Handsome Guy. If successfully charmed they will heal characters once per hour for 2d6 hit points, by embracing and kissing them. Once per day (or night) a character may be saved from insanity, and death via kiss and embrace.

Note: Gorgeous Lady/Handsome Guy Stats and Creation Table will be provided in a follow-up article.

Weapons and Magic Items

1d6 basic damage for most weapons, and attacks.

Jack's Axe +1
dmg 1d6+1
#1HDattacks: 3

Scourge of the Reaper +2
#1HDattacks: 3

Scythe of the Reaper +2
#1HDattacks: 5

Heavy Dagger of Madness +1
#1HDattacks: 2

Violent Saw Blade of Destruction +2
#1HDattacks: 4

Crossbow of Holy Fire +1
Successful attack sets target on holy fire which spreads onto 1d4 surrounding undead (1HD or less) tp a max. distance of 10', and inflicting 1d6 damage on each creature.

Rod of Underworldly Power
Reanimate all undead within 30' radius once/hour.
1d6 melee damage

Barley's Kitchen Knife +1
#1HDattacks: 2

Sledge Hammer of Death & Thunder +2
#1HDattacks: 3

What will be presented in follow-up articles

The Undead (Descriptions and Stats)
Random Encounters (Tables!)
Maps (Yes!)
Adventure Hooks (For some plot elements among the undead hordes!)
The Evil Undead Dwarf, and his Seven Undead Dwarf Henchmen.
More weapons of Madness!
House Rules on Insanity
More information on and pictures of Gorgeous Ladies and Handsome Guys!


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