Dienstag, Oktober 16, 2012

[magic items] Machete of Vangus and Cap of Magic Lantern

Machete of Vangus
A blade crafted by the Master of the Cloud of the Silvermountain Elves. The blade is of dark green hue with a sharp black edge and handle of dark wood. A sling of dark leather with seven colourful beads is attached to the handle.

The blade is magically enchanted to protect the wielder against poisonous animals and insects. They will move away from it and stay out of the circle of protection (10' radius.) Saving throws vs. poison within the circle are at +4.
It is a +1 magic weapon with a +1 damage bonus (1d6+1). Command words can be used to make it shed light, and to return to the character's hand from a distance of up to 120 feet.
When the sling is worn around the wrist no penalties are suffered due to moving and climbing on wet and slippery surfaces . The sling can be detached from the handle and used as a bracelet.

Cap of Magic Lantern
Caps, and sometimes helmets that are magically created and cast a beam of light in any desired direction. The intensity of the beacon can be varied by the wearer on command from a barely noticable glow to a bright beam of a large lantern. They are favourites of kids exploring old caves, diving in lakes, and running around at dusk while playing games of hide and seek.

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