Montag, Oktober 15, 2012

[magic items] Globe of Mapping, Saddle of the Wind Mount and more

Globe of Mapping

This is one of several globes created by the Sorceresses of Copperlake for the Greater Expeditions of Prince Angis of Dragondale. The prince required his companions to map all their journeys, and mark places of interest so he could travel from one point to the next without having to find those places on his own.
The globe is small enough to fit inside a closed fist. It is crafted of a red wood covered with leather. It is inscribed with fine lines, images and patterns which can be identified as similar to maps. On command the globe can be enlarged up to a diameter of 10' thus making it possible to read the entries, and write onto it.
Once the command is spoken the glove hovers in front of the character, it can be moved aside, up and down, but it will not float if pushed into any direction.
Entries can be made via hand gestures after a command word has been spoken.

Master Set of Fine Tailoring
A set of assorted magic sewing needles, scissors, knives, yarn, and buttons. It grants a +5 bonus on sewing, mending and similar tailoring tasks. With the necessary materials (fabric, leather, and accessories) and the command word a character can make one set of clothes of exceptional quality and design per day. Basic tailoring skills are a prerequisite for such tasks.

Sledge of the Mountain Queen
A wondrous vehicle of high craftsmanship and with luxurious features made to meet the demands of comfort of the Mountain Queen.
The sledge has enough room for four (plus the driver), and baggage. The roof is retractable. The sledge is enchanted with Protection from Cold. It can rearrange itself to a bedroom, tea-chamber, and maybe more.
On command eight magic horses will appear out of thin air and pull the sledge. The are corporeal and their manes glow with a warm blue hue. +4 on driving maneuvers. Speed: 18.

Saddle of the Wind Mount
A heavy magic saddle that on command creates a magic beast, called a wind mount. +2 on riding maneuvers. Can be equipped with two saddle bags, and safety harness.
It is nearly as invisible as a gust of wind on a dusty road. Whenever the creature passes through dust, leaves, rain, or snow it will become easier to spot.
Wind Mount 7HD AC 0 (immune to normal weapons) 1 attack 2d6 dmg Save 10 Move 24 (fly on command)
If the wind mount gets killed before the command word is spoken to make it disappear the saddle becomes useless.

Boots of Riding
The green riding boots of the Elfland Rangers. Come equipped with a knife (either left or right boot) and small pouches.
+3 on riding maneuvers, and any reaction rolls involving mounts.

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