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[magic item] Cursed Sword of Zabre

Ich habe mehrere halb bis dreiviertel fertige Artikel über Rollenspieltheoriediskussionen, Player Empowerment und derlei Dinge auf dem Desktop liegen, aber irgendwie macht es mir gerade viel mehr Spaß, magische Gegenstände zu erdichten.

Cursed Sword of Zabre

As mentioned in a previous article on the Quarterstaff of Zabre this cursed weapon was made by an elven mage. The blade was commissioned by the famous, and quite arrogant warrior Zabre. The swordsman demanded a great blade engraved with runes of power, but he tried to haggle the price down, and made rude remarks about the mage's appearance ("overworked and isolated"). The elf-mage felt insulted, but accepted and forged the Cursed Sword of Zabre while enchanting his own quarterstaff with the powers originally meant for the blade.

The Magic Blade of Zabre (Cursed)

It is a two-handed sword of exceptional balance and design. It could have been a masterpiece, and would have become a sword of legend, were it not cursed. Its evil magic is difficult to detect, and nearly impossible to dispel.
The weapon works as a fine +3 magic sword in combat, but in any normal situation the curse affects the wearer immediately: any day-to-day activity has a chance to turn into a deadly accident (1-2 on a d6), and the character must save vs. death or die.

From the notebook of Clern Asgenoth, a prominent member of the Magic Investigation Department, it can be learned, that the elf mage allegedly intended to shatter Zabre's fame by murdering him in a mundane accident. Zabre, who was known to be a great horseman, and a proud fighter, who claimed to have slain several dragons and had just prepared for a long campaign against rogue knights in the West, died in a street accident being run over by several horses. It has not been verified, though, wether the accident itself led to Zabre's death, or wether he choked to death on a piece of pie prior to the collision. Some remains of the sweet delicacy had been found blocking his windpipe, and his right hand was clutching an opened package of Radley's Finest Berry Pies.
Radley's bakery picked up on the incident, and started to sell his pies with slogans like "Even fierce warriors are prone to its sweetness!" and "Delicious to the end!" Clern then goes on in detail about Bradley's other fine assortment of sweets, and makes notes on recommendations for his colleagues. "Bradley's Fine Spirit Chocolate Marbles -> Dristat, Department of Order"
Clern later had been found dead at his own home, with a broken neck, next to a broken chair, and a collection of anatomical art studies scattered around him that had obviously been stored on top of a book shelf. The Cursed Sword of Zabre was lying on a table.

There were several other deaths reported, that were rumored to be in connection with the blade, but no further investigation was conducted by the Magic Investigation Department. The name of the elf-mage was never mentioned.

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